Activity Coordinator

Chair: Open Position

Plan and organize fun free family events, such as movie night, dance party etc.

Details: Coordinate with the school, pick activity/movie and sell snacks & beverages at the event. Free, fun event for families!


Art Literacy


The PTA provides three seasonal art projects for each grade level. Committee members are needed to help organize projects and coordinate volunteers needed in each class to run the lessons in the classrooms.

Details:  The Chairperson/Committee recruits parent volunteers for each class, ensures the supply bins are ready at the start of each season and  sends training and presentation materials to parent volunteers.

Parent volunteers coordinate with their teacher to come into the classroom and lead the art projects. Parents are also asked to see if any help is needed displaying art work, and to communicate with the chairperson if any supplies are running low to ensure the bins remain stocked for each classroom.


Bobcat Wear

Chair: Open Position

Boeckman Creek has a variety of its own spirit wear.

Details:  Before school starts and throughout the year coordinate with spirit wear vendor to provide multiple ordering windows and place orders. When orders arrive help to distribute them.



Book Exchange


This is a wonderful event where students bring books that they no longer read. From the books that are brought in every student will get to pick out at least one new to them book.

Details:  The chairperson works with the school secretaries to choose the best times and location for this event. One week prior to the event, students will bring in their books and additional volunteers are needed to collect and count them. Additional volunteers are also needed to help run getting each classroom through the book exchange.


Chair: Open Position



Community Fundraising

Chair: Ashley McDonough

This is a program to organize fundraising events with local restaurants and businesses. 

Details:  The Chairperson contacts local businesses to see if they are interested in becoming our community partner. They negotiate what percent of sales are to be donated to Boeckman, then choose the date, organize and publicize the event. Many businesses have established programs and just require some paperwork to be filled out.


Direct Sales Fundraising

Chair: Khuyen Meiling-Wesse

Currently Charleston Wrap - Gift wrap and holiday products to sell. 30-50% of the retail price of each product come directly back to Boeckman Creek PTA.

Details:  Additional volunteers are needed to help distribute packets, advertise with flyers, work with vendor and distribute when products arrives.


Fall Carnival

Chair: Open Position



Field Day




Fit Week


This is a huge fund raiser for our school and typically is at the end of February or March.

Details:  For this event, Mr. Flaker is involved, so it is important to communicate with him. The coordinating process for this event is very similar to the Fun Run with making pledge envelopes and collecting the pledges.


Fifth Grade Recognition




Fourth Grade Representative

Chair: Open Position

For this position, it’s ideal to have at least two volunteers. This position automatically transitions into the 5th Grade Recognition chairperson the following year.

Details:  At the end of the year, begin coordinating with 4th Grade parents in preparation for next year’s 5th Grade Recognition, to show them what it entails as well as solicit volunteers. It is important to contact the current 5th Grade Recognition chairperson(s) to learn best practices for organizing next year’s 5th Grade Recognition. Having some parent volunteers lined up for the day of event is highly recommended! Attendance is required the day of the event.


Fun Run

Chair: Christina Skipper

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, typically held on the last Friday in September or the first Friday in October. This is a pledge based lap run. Several volunteers are needed to aid the chairperson in designing the t-shirts, finding sponsors, measuring the children, sorting and distributing t-shirts and prizes, and assisting the children on the field with bibs and tallies.   

Details:  The chairperson will choose the date of the event and coordinate it. Check with the school secretaries to verify that your event date works with the district. Find sponsors in town to cover Fun Run t-shirt costs. At the beginning of the year, visit each class and size every student and teacher. Order the t-shirts. Then schedule the Fun Run assembly with the secretaries. Order envelops for pledges.  School secretaries will coordinate the schedule for the day of the event. Chairperson is in charge of making flyers and distributing them. Attendance on the day of the event is mandatory.




Chairperson produces a monthly PTA newsletter.

Details:  The PTA president will contact you with info and details on upcoming newsletters.


Picture Days

Chair: Open Position

We have two picture days during the year and retake days:  Pictures are generally taken in September and April. The September photos will be used in the yearbook.

Details:  Contact school secretaries to find out the dates of the picture days. Distribute flyers (a flyer for each student will be sent to the school from the photo company). It is important to find two other volunteers for the day of the event. Volunteers can be your friends, or you can set up Sign-Up Genius with the SUG Chairperson to solicit volunteers. Attendance on the day of the event is required.


Room Parent Coordinator

Chair: Kristin Oeming

We have two classroom parties during the school year that is provided by the PTA.

Details:  The chairperson coordinates classroom parents and advises them on planning the two class parties. There is one training meeting in October to explain about time, budget and ideas. Meeting for the Valentine’s Party is not necessary, but sending a reminder is helpful.


Staff Appreciation


We provide dinners or lunches for staff during conference times. We also provide cookies during holiday seasons.

Details:  Choose the menu. (We have done salad bars and sandwich bars in the past). Get a sign up for items out to parents. On the day of the event, come to school to coordinate and set up food for teachers and staff. Paper plates, forks, spoons and napkins are all stored in the PTA closet.



Chair: Marika Fugate & Laurie Goode

We create a colorful memory book for your child. It encompasses activities, field trips and playtime here at Boeckman

Details:  The Chairperson takes pictures as well as collects other pictures from parents and teachers for the yearbook. They select the theme, organize the pictures and create the page layouts.


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